We undertake independent reviews of UK aid spending and its contribution to development impact

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Follow-up of ICAI Reviews from Years 1, 2 and 3

18 Jun 2015

The follow-up work undertaken for this report covers 22 of the 35 reports published during ICAI’s first three years. We assess how DFID has responded to our recommendations.

DFID’s approach to delivering impact

11 Jun 2015

This report reviews ICAI’s previous 44 reports and looks at how well DFID ensures positive, long-term, transformative change across its work.

Business in Development

21 May 2015

Business are playing an increasing role in development. This review assesses how well DFID is working with and through businesses to benefit people living in poverty.

UK Aid Spent by Departments Other Than DFID

20 Feb 2015

Around 13% of UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) is spent by departments other than DFID. Our preliminary investigation maps spending and examines activities.

Rapid Review of DFID’s Smart Rules

16 Dec 2014

We have undertaken a rapid review of DFID’s procedures for programme management, the Smart Rules, to see how they respond to the issues that we have raised in our 38 reports to date.

The UK’s International Climate Fund

11 Dec 2014

The ICF is the UK’s primary instrument for funding international action on climate change. This review assesses emerging impacts and whether the ICF is likely to succeed in catalysing global action.