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DFID’s Support to Agricultural Research

25 Oct 2013

One billion people in the world face hunger. Our report looks at DFID’s agricultural research work to improve food security and tackle hunger, to which it has committed £350 million over 2010-15.

DFID’s Support for Palestine Refugees through UNRWA

13 Sep 2013

DFID is UNRWA’s fourth-largest donor, contributing £173 million in the period 2008-12. This review assessed the impact that DFID’s support has had on Palestine refugees and the effectiveness of DFID’s engagement with UNRWA.

DFID’s Support to Capital Projects in Montserrat

16 Jul 2013

Montserrat, one of the UK’s overseas territories, suffered devastating volcanic eruptions from 1995. This review assesses how the UK Government manages its aid to Montserrat, with a particular focus on DFID’s capital investment projects.

DFID’s Health Programmes in Burma

16 Jul 2013

Burma is one of the poorest countries in Asia, with significant health need and challenges of access and capacity. We examine DFID’s £110 million health spending in Burma over 2010-15.