The UK’s humanitarian support to Syria

The conflict in Syria has become the worst humanitarian crisis of this century.

Since 2011, approximately five million people have fled as refugees, 6.3 million have been internally displaced and over half the pre-war population of 22 million are reportedly in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. Approximately 3.9 million people live in hard-to-reach areas and around 970,000 remain in besieged areas.

The UK has responded to the Syria crisis with its largest ever humanitarian operation. It has committed £2.3 billion of funding for humanitarian support for Syria and the surrounding region and has played a role in amassing international support

ICAI is conducting a review of the UK’s humanitarian response in Syria in light of the scale and importance of the support.

The purpose of this performance review is to assess the effectiveness of UK humanitarian aid within Syria. It will assess how well DFID identifies humanitarian needs and prioritises its support, as well as how effective the humanitarian operations have been and whether they represent good value for money.

This review will focus particularly on how well DFID manages the complex chains of delivery partners it works with in Syria. It will trace delivery chains through to the ground level, where possible engaging directly with people who have received aid.

This review will focus on humanitarian operations within Syria, rather than to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.

Read the full approach paper here: Syria Approach paper