Global Health Threats

The UK aid strategy outlines a commitment to increasing UK aid investment on global health risks, including infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Global health threats are of increasing concern to the international community, as well as representing a challenge to British interests. The recent Ebola crisis in West Africa served to highlight the considerable risks that infectious disease epidemics pose to development.

ICAI has decided to conduct a learning review of the UK aid response to global health threats, since the scaling up of expenditure and cross-government collaboration required to address this challenge is at an early stage.

The purpose of the review is to explore how well the UK aid programme is preparing for global health threats, in response to the priorities outlined in the UK aid strategy and the lessons learnt from Ebola. In this context our definition of global health threats includes infectious disease epidemics, emerging diseases with epidemic potential and drug-resistant microbes. The review will assess the relevance of the aid response and its potential effectiveness, including assessing whether the response is evidence-based and whether lessons are being captured to inform future programming.

Read the full approach paper here: Global Health Threats approach paper