DFID’s management of its supplier market

In 2015-16, DFID spent around 15% of its bilateral aid budget through contractors, making procurement an important component in achieving value for money in UK aid.

ICAI is reviewing DFID’s approach to ensuring value for money in the management of its supplier pool. This review will provide Parliament and the public with an assessment of whether DFID is able to attract the best suppliers with the required skills at competitive prices, and how large suppliers are held accountable.

This is part one of a series of three reviews on achieving value for money through procurement.

The review will consider the diversity of DFID’s supplier pool, looking at geographical spread, size and type of supplier. In addition, the review will look at whether DFID’s approach to its suppliers promotes its own policy objectives in areas such as environmental standards, anti-corruption, transparency and its commitment to ‘leaving no one behind’.

The review will focus on bilateral aid spending delivered by private sector, non-governmental organisations and think tank suppliers, and will not include contracting through multilateral organisations.

More information on our methodology and approach are available in the approach paper.



Approach Paper – Procurement Review – Supplier Market, April 2017