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Assessing DFID’s results in improving Maternal Health – new review

30 Oct 2018

ICAI has today published a review of DFID's results in improving Maternal Health which found that UK aid has expanded…

ICAI’s new review topics announced

22 Oct 2018

Preventing sexual violence in conflict, UK aid in Ghana, and the African Development Bank are some of the topics that…

New ICAI review – DFID’s transport and urban infrastructure investments

12 Oct 2018

Today ICAI is publishing a review of DFID’s investments on transport and urban infrastructure, which over 2015 and 2016 consisted of…

Achieving value for money through procurement – Part 2: DFID’s approach to value for money through tendering and contract management

25 Sep 2018

Today ICAI is publishing its second review into DFID's procurement practices, looking at DFID's £1.4 billion yearly spend through commercial…