Two new ICAI reviews announced

21 May 2020

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the government’s 0.7% aid spending target will be the subject of two forthcoming reports from the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). The proposals for the two new reviews have been agreed with Parliament’s International Development Committee, which signs off ICAI’s work plan. ICAI’s information note on Gavi will provide […]

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ICAI’s work during Covid-19 pandemic

24 Mar 2020

We recognise that this is an unprecedented and extremely challenging time. We continue to scrutinise UK aid programmes during this period, in line with our mandate and at a time when monitoring public spending is as important as ever. However, we are keeping our workplan under constant review, working with parliament, the departments we scrutinise, […]

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ICAI information note – Mapping the UK’s approach to tackling corruption and illicit financial flows

19 Mar 2020

Independent aid watchdog publishes new information note. Report maps out how the UK government is using aid to reduce corruption and illicit financial flows in developing countries. It also proposes ‘lines of enquiry’ for potential future follow-up by ICAI, the International Development Committee (IDC) or other stakeholders. The UK has an important role to play […]

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New review – The changing nature of UK aid in Ghana

12 Feb 2020

UK aid spending in Ghana awarded overall green-amber score by Independent Commission for Aid Impact, but with amber-red for sustainability. Aid watchdog’s first country portfolio review found that the UK’s support since 2011 had been “mostly effective” in helping some of the poorest and most vulnerable. But it warned that as Ghana moves beyond aid, […]

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New review – The UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative

9 Jan 2020

Flagship Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative – the focus of a 2014 Global Summit led by William Hague and Angelina Jolie – given amber-red rating by aid watchdog. Despite initial strong leadership, ICAI found that following the departure of Lord Hague as Foreign Secretary, senior ministerial interest waned, and funding and staff resources fell. […]

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New approach paper – Assessing DFID’s results in nutrition

20 Dec 2019

A new review from the independent aid watchdog will look at work by the UK government to tackle malnutrition and end hunger in the world’s poorest countries. The Independent Commission for Aid Impact has today published an approach paper for its upcoming review, which will assess the results achieved by the Department for International Development […]

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New information note – The use of UK aid to enhance mutual prosperity

23 Oct 2019

The government is increasingly spending foreign aid in areas where it can deliver benefits to both the UK economy and countries eligible for aid – but care must be taken to ensure the primary aim of poverty reduction isn’t diluted or lost, according to a new publication from the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI). […]

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