New ICAI review – DFID’s transport and urban infrastructure investments

12 Oct 2018

Today ICAI is publishing a review of DFID’s investments on transport and urban infrastructure, which over 2015 and 2016 consisted of 57 programmes with combined budgets of £3.9 billion. The review found that there was a strong rationale for DFID’s transport and urban infrastructure work and that DFID plays an important role alongside the multilateral development […]

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Achieving value for money through procurement – Part 2: DFID’s approach to value for money through tendering and contract management

25 Sep 2018

Today ICAI is publishing its second review into DFID’s procurement practices, looking at DFID’s £1.4 billion yearly spend through commercial suppliers. The review praises DFID for many of its reforms, including codes of conduct to protect against collusion and conflicts of interest, and increased early market engagement to gauge the level of competition. However, the […]

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Newton Fund – new approach paper published

16 Aug 2018

ICAI has today published the approach paper for its review of the Newton Fund, a £735 million government fund which develops science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. The Newton Fund is an example of UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) spending with a dual purpose. It aims both […]

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DFID’s partnerships with civil society organisations

17 Jul 2018

ICAI has today published the approach paper for its review of DFID’s partnerships with civil society organisations. Political rights and civil liberties are under threat around the world, and over the past decade, have declined in half of DFID’s 34 priority countries. This performance review will assess the relevance, effectiveness and learning processes surrounding DFID’s relationship […]

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ICAI follow-up of 2016-17 reports – new review

29 Jun 2018

Today ICAI is publishing the follow-up review of our 2016-17 reports looking at whether the government has taken appropriate action in response to our recommendations. This year’s follow-up highlighted a range of positive actions including a two-year extension to the lifetime of the Prosperity Fund, a stronger focus on equity in DFID’s new value for money guidance, and strengthened analysis […]

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DFID’s governance work in Nepal and Uganda – new ICAI review

22 Jun 2018

The UK’s work to improve governance in Nepal and Uganda is achieving a range of positive results, but it needs stronger strategic orientation to deliver transformational change. We have published a new performance review into DFID’s governance work in Nepal and Uganda. The review praised DFID for its strong focus on post-conflict development and highlighted a range of programmes that […]

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International climate finance: UK aid for low-carbon development – new approach paper published

14 Jun 2018

ICAI has today published the approach paper for its review of the UK’s International Climate Finance (ICF) contribution to supporting low-carbon development in 2016-17 to 2017-18. The UK’s International Climate Finance is a portfolio of investments designed to support the eradication of international poverty by helping developing countries manage risk, build resilience to the impacts of […]

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ICAI Chief Commissioner role 2019 to 2023 – recruitment extended

30 May 2018

Want to play a key role in helping to improve UK aid through robust, independent scrutiny? The Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s next Chief Commissioner is being recruited now. ICAI works across government to ensure all UK official development assistance (ODA) is spent effectively for those who need it most, and delivers value for UK taxpayers. […]

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CDC’s investments in low income and fragile states – new approach paper

29 May 2018

ICAI has today published the approach paper for its review into CDC’s investments in low income and fragile states. CDC is the primary vehicle through which DFID invests development capital and plays a key role within DFID’s Economic Development Strategy. This performance review will focus on how effectively CDC has adapted its strategy and operations […]

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The UK’s humanitarian support to Syria

24 May 2018

ICAI has published a review of the UK’s humanitarian support to Syria. The review praises DFID for providing vital life-saving support to communities in desperate need but warned that gaps in DFID’s performance remained, including around engagement of Syrian partners, the coverage and focus of independent monitoring and attention to safeguarding against exploitation. DFID has overcome […]

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