Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes Rapid Review of DFID’s Smart Rules

16 Dec 2014

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published today a Rapid Review of DFID’s Smart Rules. DFID recently reformed its procedures for programme management. It has called these new procedures ‘Smart Rules: Better Programme Delivery’. We have undertaken a rapid review of the Smart Rules, to see how they respond to the issues that […]

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Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes report on the UK’s International Climate Fund

11 Dec 2014

The ICF is both a significant contribution to climate finance and a tool for influencing action at the international and national levels. After a challenging start, it has built up significant momentum and is now well placed to deliver on its ambitious objectives. While many of its investments have had long lead times and remained unproven, there is evidence of early impact in a range of areas. It has pioneered new approaches in the measurement of results.

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Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes report on DFID’s Approach to Anti-Corruption and Its Impact on the Poor

31 Oct 2014

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published a report today on the Department for International Development’s Approach to Anti-Corruption and Its Impact on the Poor. Corruption is a fundamental issue that afflicts the everyday lives of the very poorest and thwarts global efforts to lift countries out of poverty. DFID recognises corruption as […]

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International Development Committee publishes Report on ICAI Annual Report

5 Sep 2014

The International Development Committee has published its report on our 2013-14 Annual Report. The report and further details can be found on the Committee’s website here. Responding to the report, Chief Commissioner Graham Ward said: “This positive report is very welcome. I strongly support the Committee’s statement on independence. Our continuing independence is vital: both […]

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DFID’s Contribution to Improving Nutrition

9 Jul 2014

DFID started scaling up its nutrition work in 2010. The pace and scale of DFID’s global work is good but implementation at the country level has been too slow. As a result, it is too early to show impact, though we saw some promising signs. Although DFID’s work is based on sound evidence, DFID’s projects do not always focus on interventions with the greatest impact on stunting. DFID should improve the monitoring of its programmes and ensure results are not over-reported. We believe that a greater focus is needed on the most vulnerable and ‘hard-to-reach’ mothers and children.

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ICAI Annual Report 2013-14

13 Jun 2014

Our 2013-14 ICAI Annual Report has been published. It sets out our activities and expenditure for our third complete year of operation. The report also contains a synthesis of our findings to date and the follow-up from our Year Two reports.

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Public Appointments: recruitment of Chief Commissioner and Commissioner

21 May 2014

The current Chief Commissioner, Graham Ward’s term in office ends in 2015. The Chief Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the delivery of high quality, accessible reviews, representing ICAI and communicating its reports to stakeholders and reporting to Parliament. The Government is seeking to appoint a new Chief Commissioner to succeed Mr Ward; and  also to appoint a new Commissioner.   Further information […]

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