Forthcoming review: UK aid to Ukraine

7 Dec 2023

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) will examine UK aid to Ukraine in a forthcoming rapid review.

The Russian invasion in February 2022 and ongoing conflict have created a major geopolitical and humanitarian crisis, with 7.7 million people registered as refugees across Europe and 6.2 million internally displaced.

Alongside political and military support, the UK provided £311 million in official development assistance (ODA) to Ukraine in 2022 and has made continued support a key plank of its foreign policy into 2024.

The review will assess the full range of UK aid to Ukraine, looking at the government’s policies, strategies, delivery methods and ongoing results. It will consider whether UK aid is reaching the most vulnerable and to what extent it supports the UK’s strategic objectives.

We have today published our approach to the review, including the questions it will address:

  1. Relevance: Is UK aid to Ukraine guided by a clear strategy?
  2. Effectiveness: How well is UK aid to Ukraine being delivered?
  3. Coherence: How well has the UK used its funding and influencing to promote coherent international aid support for Ukraine?

We expect to publish the findings in April 2024.

Read our approach

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