ICAI Annual Report 2014-15

27 Jun 2015

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published its Annual Report 2014-15.

This year, we have built upon our previous reports and considered some of the largest areas of work for the Department for International Development (DFID) and other UK government departments. We have published thematic reports on a number of important topics, including how the UK Government is using ODA to: help people in fragile states; combat climate change; promote security and justice; fight corruption; work with the private sector; and tackle global nutrition issues. We have also investigated DFID’s approach to achieving impact and how DFID works with multilateral organisations. All of our reports have been submitted to Parliament through the International Development Committee.

Graham Ward, ICAI Chief Commissioner, said: “The UK is rightly recognised as a global leader in many aspects of development assistance, helping to shape the global agenda on issues such as climate change, violence against women and girls and the Sustainable Development Goals. Having completed four years of scrutiny of UK aid spending, we have seen that DFID staff are very dedicated to their work. At its best, DFID is capable of outstanding performance in delivering UK aid. One of the outcomes of our scrutiny is to help DFID to make progress in replicating those successes across the organisation.”

The Annual Report is available here: ICAI Annual Report 2014-15


Please note that the report was amended on 13 July 2015 to correct minor financial errors in the report.

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