Joint commissioner statement on the government review of ICAI

16 Dec 2020

Following the publication today of the government’s review of ICAI, commissioners Dr Tamsyn Barton, Sir Hugh Bayley and Tarek Rouchdy have released a joint statement:

“Robust, independent scrutiny of how public money is spent has never been more important. We share the government’s desire to promote learning about ‘what works’ across departments, in order to ensure that taxpayers and aid recipients alike get maximum impact and value for money from UK aid.

“We welcome the assurances that ICAI will continue to operate independently in setting and delivering its programme of work, and in reporting its findings to parliament through the International Development Committee. We look forward to building a closer working relationship with ministers and senior officials, which will ensure our reviews and recommendations are championed at the highest level.

“We will now work through the recommendations in more detail and determine, with the department, the best way of implementing them.”


Read the Foreign Secretary’s written ministerial statement.

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