Upcoming review – The UK’s approach to tackling modern slavery through the aid programme

26 Feb 2020

A new review by the UK’s aid watchdog will look at the government’s approach to tackling modern slavery through the aid programme.

It is estimated that 40 million people are victims of modern slavery around the world, and the government has given an undertaking to spend over £200 million of aid funds to tackle the problem. The Department for International Development, the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are all involved in delivering the cross-government Modern Slavery Strategy, which addresses modern slavery both in the UK and around the world.

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has today published its approach paper for the upcoming review, which will cover modern slavery programming funded by the UK aid programme and related influencing activities since November 2014, when the UK’s first Modern Slavery Strategy was launched. We will explore how the UK’s approach and programming have evolved and how well the government measures its performance against its objectives.

Read the approach paper here.


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