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The changing nature of UK aid to Ghana

20 May 2019

A country portfolio review of all UK official development assistance (ODA) to Ghana from 2011 to 2018/2019. Background The UK has a longstanding development partnership with Ghana, having invested over £2 billion in aid over the last two decades. However, in line with Ghana’s achievement of lower-middle income status in 2010, the aid relationship between […]

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How UK aid learns

1 Apr 2019

With close to 30% of the aid budget now spent through departments other than DFID, learning within those departments and across government in relation to aid has become increasingly important.

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Follow-up of 2017-18 reviews

10 Jan 2019

Each year we conduct a follow-up assessment of ICAI reviews from the previous year to look at how well the government has responded to our recommendations.

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Newton Fund

16 Aug 2018

The Newton Fund is an ODA-funded intergovernmental research and innovation partnership fund under the responsibility of BEIS with a budget of £735 million until 2021.

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