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Building resilience to natural disasters

13 Jun 2017

Disaster Resilience – defined by DFID as “the ability of countries, communities and households to manage change, by maintaining or transforming living standards in the face of shocks or stresses – such as earthquakes, drought or violent conflict – without compromising their long-term prospects” – is now a prominent concept in DFID’s strategy. With several […]

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Global Health Threats

9 Jun 2017

The UK aid strategy outlines a commitment to increasing UK aid investment on global health risks, including infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Global health threats are of increasing concern to the international community, as well as representing a challenge to British interests. The recent Ebola crisis in West Africa served to highlight the considerable risks […]

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Global Challenges Research Fund

22 May 2017

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) was announced in the November 2015 Aid Strategy. Its stated aim was “to ensure that UK science takes the lead in addressing the problems faced by developing countries, whilst developing our ability to deliver cutting-edge research.” The purpose of this rapid review is to assess whether the GCRF has […]

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DFID’s management of its supplier market

20 Feb 2017

In 2015-16, DFID spent around 15% of its bilateral aid budget through contractors, making procurement an important component in achieving value for money in UK aid. ICAI is reviewing DFID’s approach to ensuring value for money in the management of its supplier pool. This review will provide Parliament and the public with an assessment of […]

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Follow-up of ICAI’s Year 5 Reviews

16 Feb 2017

Each year, we conduct a follow-up assessment of ICAI reviews from the previous year. The process is an important link in the chain of accountability, providing the International Development Committee (IDC) and other stakeholders with an account of whether DFID, or other responsible departments, have taken action in response to ICAI’s concerns. It also provides […]

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DFID’s approach to value for money in programme and portfolio management

14 Feb 2017

Achieving value for money in UK aid is crucial. This means the Department for International Development must understand and systematically track the drivers of cost and value, in order to maximise the impact from the money it spends. Value for money is a principle running across the department’s management systems. It applies to the design […]

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UK’s aid response to the migration crisis in the central Mediterranean

6 Oct 2016

The global migration crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the international community today. The UK Government has pledged to address the root causes of irregular migration and to facilitate the adoption of safe, responsible policies and solutions for migrants. The UK Aid Strategy recognises that violence and conflict in Africa and the Middle […]

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DFID’s approach to supporting inclusive growth in Africa

4 Oct 2016

Inclusive, sustainable, economic growth is key to eradicating poverty and is a core priority for UK aid policy.   In recent years, DFID has significantly increased its cross-departmental spending on economic development, more than doubling expenditure from around £800 million in 2011-12 to £1.8 billion in 2015-16. Today, DFID’s economic development portfolio represents around a […]

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