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Information note on the use of UK aid in enhancing mutual prosperity

25 Jun 2019

Since the publication of the 2015 UK aid strategy there has been renewed emphasis on using aid to “tackle global challenges in the UK national interest”. The idea of wider benefits was included in the strategy which refers to “security, stability and opportunity that will benefit all of us”. It also states that “recognising that […]

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The changing nature of UK aid to Ghana

20 May 2019

A country portfolio review of all UK official development assistance (ODA) to Ghana from 2011 to 2018/2019. Background The UK has a longstanding development partnership with Ghana, having invested over £2 billion in aid over the last two decades. However, in line with Ghana’s achievement of lower-middle income status in 2010, the aid relationship between […]

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How UK aid learns

1 Apr 2019

With close to 30% of the aid budget now spent through departments other than DFID, learning within those departments and across government in relation to aid has become increasingly important.

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