New approach paper – The changing nature of UK aid to Ghana

28 May 2019

ICAI is today publishing a new approach paper for an upcoming review of all UK official development assistance (ODA) to Ghana from 2011 to 2019.Map with a pin highlighting Ghana.

The UK has a longstanding development partnership with Ghana, having invested over £2 billion in aid over the last two decades.

In 2010, Ghana achieved lower middle-income (LMIC) status leading to an evolution of the aid relationship between the two countries, however, Ghana’s persistent poverty and growing inequality suggests there is still a role for UK aid to play in delivering better human development outcomes and protecting the results of past assistance.

This is ICAI’s first country portfolio review, representing a new way of analysing the impact of UK aid at a country level. As a qualitative review, it will assess the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of all UK ODA flows to Ghana relative to the UK’s objectives.

For more information read the full approach paper.

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