The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

ICAI is conducting a review of the Conflict Security and Stability Fund (CSSF) – a major new cross-government aid fund.  The CSSF is overseen by the National Security Council (NSC) and provides money to support projects intended to prevent conflict, increase stability and respond to international crises.

In 2016-17 the CSSF had a total budget of over £1.1 billion, combining both official development assistance (ODA) and other means of funding. In the same year the CSSF funded 97 programmes with an average expenditure of £5 million per programme. Funding for these projects was allocated across 40 different countries or sub-regions that were assessed as being both at risk of instability and as having an impact on UK security.

The CSSF is a relatively new instrument that began operations in 2015. It builds on the work of a predecessor fund, the Conflict Pool, which operated from 2001 and was reviewed by ICAI in July 2012.

ICAI’s review will be a performance review and will consider how relevant and strategic the CSSF’s response is to particular conflicts and crises, how effective it is at addressing conflict, instability and insecurity and how well it is learning about what works. The review is limited to ODA-funded work only and will not consider how any other means of funding is used.


Read the full approach paper here: CSSF Approach Paper