DFID’s approach to value for money in programme and portfolio management

Achieving value for money in UK aid is crucial. This means the Department for International Development must understand and systematically track the drivers of cost and value, in order to maximise the impact from the money it spends.

Value for money is a principle running across the department’s management systems. It applies to the design and management of individual programmes, as well as to the management of portfolios, the procurement of suppliers, and DFID’s own administration.

This performance review will explore how well DFID has integrated value for money considerations into its programme management systems and practices and its choice of multilateral partners, and whether its approach is delivering improvements in value for money. It will consider how well suited DFID’s framework and approach to value for money is for its purpose.

The review will provide Parliament and the public with an assessment of DFID’s value for money performance, for accountability purposes. It will also help to generate lessons to inform the continuing development of DFID’s rules and processes.

More information on our methodology and approach are available in the approach paper.