The Independent Commission for Aid Impact scrutinises UK aid spending. We work to ensure UK aid is spent effectively for those who need it most and delivers value for UK tax payers ICAI reports to Parliament through the House of Commons International Development Committee.

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Latest reports

Follow-up of ICAI Reviews from Years 1, 2 and 3

The follow-up work undertaken for this report covers 22 of the 35 reports we published during the first three years of ICAI. This gives us a good basis from which to assess how DFID has responded to recommendations over a wide range of different reports and over time.

DFID’s approach to delivering impact

UK aid, at its best, makes a real and positive difference to the lives and livelihoods of poor people around the world. Ensuring the best possible performance across a large and multifaceted aid programme is, however, a complex management challenge. This report reviews ICAI’s previous 44 reports and looks at how well DFID ensures positive, long-term, transformative change across its work.

How DFID works with multilateral agencies to achieve impact

DFID depends greatly on the multilateral system to achieve results. In 2013-14 DFID spent almost two-thirds (£6.32 billion) of its budget through multilateral agencies and many agencies depend on DFID as their largest funder.