The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) is the independent body responsible for scrutiny of UK aid. ICAI focuses on maximising the impact and effectiveness of the UK aid budget for intended beneficiaries and the delivery of value for money for the UK taxpayer. ICAI reports to Parliament through the House of Commons International Development Committee.

A full list of ICAI reports is available here.

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Graham Ward speech at the UK Evaluation Society conference – 10 April 2014 -
ICAI publishes report on How DFID Learns. -
Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes report on DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya -

gw-web2“DFID needs to increase the opportunities to learn continuously from how aid is implemented. It is not yet demonstrating sufficiently that it consistently learns from all stages of the delivery chain. In particular, it should deliberately and continuously listen to and use the knowledge and know-how of its partners and contractors; and that of the intended beneficiaries themselves. By identifying what works best, DFID can improve the impact and value for money of UK aid.”

Graham Ward CBE,
Chief Commissioner

Latest reports

How DFID Learns

Excellent learning is essential for UK aid to achieve maximum impact and value for money. This study examines the way that DFID learns and how it applies its learning.

Terms of Reference for Forthcoming Reports

The Terms of Reference for forthcoming reports can be found here.

DFID’s Contribution to the Reduction of Child Mortality in Kenya

This study looked at DFID's work to reduce Child Mortality in Kenya. Reducing under-five child mortality is a global priority and has seen remarkable progress. Under-five mortality has fallen by 24% in Kenya since 1990 but this is less than global and regional averages and the level in Kenya remains high.