The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) is the independent body responsible for scrutiny of UK aid. ICAI focuses on maximising the impact and effectiveness of the UK aid budget for intended beneficiaries and the delivery of value for money for the UK taxpayer. ICAI reports to Parliament through the House of Commons International Development Committee.

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gw-web2 “In our latest report we examined DFID’s work with business. There are great potential benefits for the poor from this collaboration. We are concerned, however, about how DFID will translate these goals into practical actions without more strategic oversight of business engagement activities and without concrete targets. Our recommendations address these issues and, if taken forward, we expect to see increased benefit for the poor”

Graham Ward CBE,
Chief Commissioner

Latest reports

Business in Development

Our report found that DFID’s work with business is relevant to its mandate; and has expanded its capacity to deliver programmes and to test new approaches. We are concerned about the level of strategic oversight DFID has over business engagement activities and the lack of clear targets for this portfolio. Our findings show that DFID needs to do more to translate its high level ambition into detailed operational plans with a clear focus on poverty reduction.

UK Development Assistance for Security and Justice

Security and justice assistance is a necessary and important part of the UK aid portfolio and its significance will continue to grow as more of UK aid is devoted to fragile and conflict-affected states. Security and justice assistance, including support for policing, courts and community justice, accounted for £95 million of expenditure in 2013-14.

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