Annual Report 2015-16 and Year 4 Follow-up

Our Annual report sets out ICAI’s activities and expenditure for 2015-2016.

This has been a year of reset and renewal for ICAI. Over the past year we have prepared and launched a new programme of reviews, introduced a wider range of scrutiny tools to reflect a more complex aid architecture and introduced three new types of review to allow us to probe aid programmes at different levels of maturity.

ICAI has a critical role in making an increasingly complex UK aid programme transparent to the UK public. As part of this year’s report ICAI has examined the changes underway in the share of Official Development Assistance (ODA) spent by departments other than DFID.

The report also contains a follow-up assessment of ICAI reviews published in 2014-15. This process is an important link in the chain of accountability, providing the International Development Committee and other stakeholders with an account of whether DFID, or other departments, have taken action in response to ICAI concerns.


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