ICAI’s new review topics announced

22 Oct 2018

Preventing sexual violence in conflict, UK aid in Ghana, and the African Development Bank are some of the topics that will be scrutinised in ICAI’s latest work plan, announced today.

The latest five areas of UK aid spending that ICAI will probe have been agreed with the International Development Committee, which signs off the work plan.

They are:
•    How UK aid learns (following on from ICAI’s 2014 How DFID learns review)
•    Preventing sexual violence in conflict
•    UK aid in Ghana
•    African Development Bank
•    Building markets: UK business engagement in aid

The timing and sequencing of these reviews will be determined in early 2019 following further scoping of the topics, which may also refine the focus of some reviews.

Find out about the forthcoming reviews here.

And for more information about our work to improve UK aid through robust, independent, scrutiny, please contact us.

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