The UK aid response to global health threats

While health has been a major focus of UK aid for many years, the response to and lessons from the Ebola crisis stimulated a rapid scaling up of activity and spending to address global health threats.

Score: Green/Amber
  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 31 January 2018
  3. Type: Learning review
  4. Subject: Cross-government aid spend, Global health
  5. Assessment: Green/Amber
  6. Location: Burma, Sierra Leone
  7. Lead commissioner: Richard Gledhill

Government response

The government publishes a response to all ICAI reviews, indicating whether they ‘accept’, ‘partially accept’ or ‘reject’ each of ICAI’s recommendations and setting out the management actions that they propose to take in response.

You can read the government response to ICAI’s review online.



Published 9 June 2017

Evidence gathering


Review publication

Published 31 January 2018

Government response

Published 14 March 2018

Parliamentary scrutiny

IDC hearing 28 March 2018

ICAI follow-up

Published 18 July 2019