The cross-government Prosperity Fund

The Prosperity Fund needs to continue to improve its systems and processes to support the pace and scale of delivery.

  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 7 February 2017
  3. Type: Rapid review
  4. Subject: Trade and economic development, UK aid funds
  5. Assessment: Unrated
  6. Lead commissioner: Alison Evans

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Our approach

This rapid review assessed whether the Prosperity Fund had developed the systems and procedures to allocate its funding effectively in support of its objectives, and has adequate governance arrangements in place. Through an analysis of relevant policies, governance frameworks and other documentation; of how bids to the Fund have been sought and assessed; and of how results are to be judged, the review reaches conclusions as to the relevance of the portfolio and its potential for achieving its objectives.

This review also considers the extent to which lessons from other major UK aid funds, such as the International Climate Fund and the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, have informed the design of the Prosperity Fund.

Review questions

  1. Effectiveness: Are the systems and procedures of the Prosperity Fund adequate to ensure effective programming and good value for money?
  2. Learning: Has the design of the Prosperity Fund been informed by learning from other cross-government aid funds and instruments?



Published 15 November 2016

Evidence gathering


Review publication

Published 7 February 2017

Government response

Published 22 March 2017

Parliamentary scrutiny

IDC hearing 6 December 2017

ICAI follow-up

Published 29 June 2018