The UK’s aid relationship with China up to 2023-24

A factual account of trends in UK aid to China from 2019 until 2023-24.

  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 21 March 2024
  3. Type: Information note
  4. Subject: Transitioning development partnerships
  5. Location: China
  6. Lead commissioner: Sir Hugh Bayley

Our approach

In producing this update, ICAI asked the government to share information on the six portfolios covered by the original information note which were reporting indicative spend for 2023-24 at the time of the last update.

This update provides an overview of the trends and key developments that emerged from ICAI’s analysis of this information. Like the original information note it is not evaluative and not scored, but aims to address gaps in information on aid to China in the public domain.


Original information note published

28 April 2021

First update published

21 July 2021

Parliamentary scrutiny

IDC hearing 22 September 2021

Second update published

13 July 2023

Third update published

21 March 2024