DFID’s empowerment and accountability programming in Ghana and Malawi

DFID has made a strong commitment to promoting development by empowering citizens, and has pledged to support 40 million people. This review assesses DFID's work to support citizen engagement with government.

Score: Green/Amber
  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 11 October 2013
  3. Type: Other
  4. Subject: Civil society, Livelihoods and social protection
  5. Assessment: Green/Amber
  6. Location: Ghana, Malawi
  7. Lead commissioner: Diana Good

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Our approach

ICAI assessed three programmes that aim to strengthen citizen engagement with government.

We examined twenty two projects in Ghana and Malawi at different stages of development: two grant-making funds for civil society organisations (CSOs) and a project that supports community monitoring of local services. With a combined budget of £41 million, these programmes support a wide range of activities, from helping local communities to become more engaged in the running of local schools to civil society campaigns on the management of the oil and gas sector in Ghana.


Review publication

Published 11 October 2013

Government response

Published 4 November 2013

ICAI follow-up

Published 18 June 2015