DFID’s electoral support through UNDP

DFID spent £140 million in electoral assistance through UNDP between 2001-11. This is a review of DFID’s management and oversight of this funding.

Score: Green/Amber
  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 25 April 2012
  3. Type: Other
  4. Subject: Democracy, governance and human rights
  5. Assessment: Green/Amber
  6. Location: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Malawi
  7. Lead commissioner: Mark Foster

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Our approach

This review set out to assess whether DFID’s funding for electoral support through UNDP is managed so as to be effective and deliver value for money.

The evaluation focused on UNDP’s management of UK electoral support, including:

  • whether the choice of delivery options and partners delivers effective assistance and good value for money;
  • whether DFID provides effective management and oversight of UNDP’s electoral assistance; and
  • whether UK electoral support is anchored in a credible political engagement strategy and a broader strategy of support for political system development.

The main focus was on the effectiveness and value for money of UNDP’s management of UK electoral assistance as the major delivery partner. We examined this through a number of different methods, including case studies, a review of existing evaluations and a survey of DFID governance advisers.


Review publication

Published 25 April 2012

Government response

Published 9 May 2013

ICAI follow-up

Published 1 July 2013