The UK’s work with the Global Fund

An information note that provides a description of the UK’s work with the Global Fund since 2019.

  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 20 September 2022
  3. Type: Information note
  4. Subject: Global health
  5. Location: Kenya, Nigeria
  6. Lead commissioner: Tamsyn Barton
  7. SDGs covered:Good health and wellbeing

Our approach

This information note provides a description of the UK’s support to the Global Fund since 2019. This period includes the COVID-19 pandemic, the merger which created the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK aid reprioritisation exercises and the new strategy for international development. It also looks at the investment case for the Global Fund’s seventh replenishment taking place in September 2022.

The information note provides a factual account of the UK’s financial and strategic engagement with the Global Fund and explores how this fits into the UK’s development co-operation on health. It sets out key questions for any further scrutiny, but does not reach evaluative judgements. It complements ICAI’s series of reports on the COVID-19 pandemic. A key objective of this exercise was to help increase transparency of an area of the UK aid programme that is of considerable public interest.

The information note consists of three interrelated components:

  1. A description of the UK’s strategic relationship with the Global Fund and how this has evolved since the last replenishment.
  2. How the UK worked with the Global Fund to adapt and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. A mapping of how the UK works with the Global Fund programmatically.



Published 17 August 2022

Evidence gathering


Review publication

Published 20 September 2022

Further scrutiny

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