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Rapid review of DFID’s Smart Rules

Completed: 16 December 2014

A rapid review of DFID's procedures for programme management, the Smart Rules, to see how they respond to the issues that we have raised in our 38 reports to date.

The UK’s International Climate Fund

Completed: 11 December 2014

The International Climate Fund (ICF) is the UK’s primary instrument for funding international action on climate change. This review assesses emerging impacts and whether the ICF is likely to succeed in catalysing global action.

DFID’s approach to anti-corruption and its impact on the poor

Completed: 31 October 2014

Corruption is a fundamental issue that affects the everyday lives of the very poorest and hinders efforts to lift countries out of poverty. This report focuses on DFID’s efforts to reduce corruption as experienced by the poor.

DFID’s contribution to improving nutrition

Completed: 9 July 2014

DFID has a globally recognised nutrition programme, committing £3.3 billion between 2013-20. This review assesses DFID’s rapidly expanding support to nutrition, focusing on strategy and portfolio coherence.

DFID’s private sector development work

Completed: 14 May 2014

A review examining DFID’s approach to private sector development, which encompasses a wide range of programmes from large-scale regulatory reform to microfinance support for small enterprises.

How DFID learns

Completed: 4 April 2014

Excellent learning is essential for UK aid to achieve maximum impact and value for money. This review seeks to identify the way DFID learns and what inhibits it from doing so consistently.

DFID’s support to agricultural research

Completed: 25 October 2013

One billion people in the world face hunger. Our report looks at DFID’s agricultural research work to improve food security and tackle hunger, to which it has committed £350 million over 2010-15.