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DIFD’s education programmes in Nigeria

Completed: 20 November 2012

DFID’s education programme in Nigeria operates in a very challenging environment, DFID has spent £102 million to date, with a further £126 million committed to 2019.

DFID’s bilateral aid to Pakistan

Completed: 17 October 2012

Pakistan is a large country facing major development challenges. This review looks at DFID’s work in health, education and humanitarian assistance.

The UK emergency response in the Horn of Africa

Completed: 14 September 2012

When the rains failed in the Horn of Africa in 2010-11, a chronic situation became a crisis affecting over 12 million people. This report looks at the effectiveness and value for money of the UK’s £200 million emergency response.

Evaluation of the inter-departmental Conflict Pool

Completed: 13 July 2012

Our report assesses the Conflict Pool, which funds activities that contribute to peacekeeping overseas and support conflict prevention and stabilisation. It is managed jointly by DFID, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence.

The management of UK budget support operations

Completed: 18 May 2012

This review assesses budget support, aid given directly to a recipient government, which represents 15% of the UK’s bilateral aid budget. In the right conditions, budget support can offer an effective and efficient way of providing development assistance.

DFID’s electoral support through UNDP

Completed: 25 April 2012

DFID spent £140 million in electoral assistance through UNDP between 2001-11. This is a review of DFID’s management and oversight of this funding.

Girl Hub: a DFID and Nike Foundation initiative

Completed: 22 March 2012

Girl Hub, a joint initiative between DFID and Nike Foundation, was established to help decision-makers and donors do more to address the needs and rights of adolescent girls. Our report assesses this partnership.