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The management of UK budget support operations

Completed: 18 May 2012

This review assesses budget support, aid given directly to a recipient government, which represents 15% of the UK’s bilateral aid budget. In the right conditions, budget support can offer an effective and efficient way of providing development assistance.

DFID’s electoral support through UNDP

Completed: 25 April 2012

DFID spent £140 million in electoral assistance through UNDP between 2001-11. This is a review of DFID’s management and oversight of this funding.

Girl Hub: a DFID and Nike Foundation initiative

Completed: 22 March 2012

Girl Hub, a joint initiative between DFID and Nike Foundation, was established to help decision-makers and donors do more to address the needs and rights of adolescent girls. Our report assesses this partnership.

DFID’s climate change programme in Bangladesh

Completed: 22 November 2011

84% of the 162 million people living in Bangladesh survive on less than $2 a day. They are highly vulnerable to the impacts of the climate, particularly cyclones and floods.

DFID’s approach to anti-corruption

Completed: 22 November 2011

This report assesses DFID’s approach to managing the risk of corruption, which is one of the most important components of achieving value for money in the UK aid programme.