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DFID’s support for Palestine refugees through UNRWA

Completed: 13 September 2013

DFID is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's (UNRWA) fourth-largest donor, contributing £173 million in the period 2008-12. This review assessed the impact that DFID’s support has had on Palestine refugees and the effectiveness of DFID’s engagement with UNRWA.

DFID’s support to capital projects in Montserrat

Completed: 16 July 2013

Montserrat, one of the UK’s overseas territories, suffered devastating volcanic eruptions from 1995. This review assesses how the UK government manages its aid to Montserrat, with a particular focus on DFID’s capital investment projects.

DFID’s health programmes in Burma

Completed: 16 July 2013

Burma is one of the poorest countries in Asia, with significant health need and challenges of access and capacity. We examine DFID’s £110 million health spending in Burma over 2010-15.

DFID’s peace and security programme in Nepal

Completed: 21 February 2013

Nepal’s decade-long civil war ended in 2006. This review assesses five DFID peace and security projects costing £53 million, intended to support Nepal’s transition to peace.

DFID’s water, sanitation and hygiene programming in Sudan

Completed: 21 February 2013

DFID’s response to the Darfur conflict in Sudan since 2003 has been one of its largest ever humanitarian operations. This report looks at the water, sanitation and hygiene component of DFID’s response across different delivery channels.

DFID’s livelihoods work in Western Odisha

Completed: 21 February 2013

This review assesses the performance of DFID’s Western Orissa Livelihoods Project (WORLP) in India. WORLP cost £32.75 million over 2001-11 and sought to reduce poverty by improving communities’ water resources, agriculture and incomes.

DFID’s oversight of the EU’s aid to low-income countries

Completed: 11 December 2012

The EU is the world’s second-largest aid donor. In this review of DFID’s oversight of the UK’s contributions to EU aid – around £1.4 billion a year, 16% of DFID’s total aid spending – we have focused on the impact of EU aid in low-income countries.