New approach paper – DFID’s approach to managing exit and transition

26 May 2016

Since 2011, DFID has refocused its aid programme on 28 priority countries. This has involved terminating or significantly reducing bilateral aid to at least 15 countries. However, the UK continues to have important relationships with many of these countries, such as India and South Africa. Bilateral aid is often replaced by new forms of collaboration […]

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New report – Assessing DFID’s Results in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

23 May 2016

ICAI’s latest review finds that UK aid has reached 62.9 million people with water, sanitation and hygiene interventions over five years, but must do more to ensure these improvements are sustainable. The review highlighted sustainability as an area of particular concern, with not enough being done to ensure that improved WASH access was becoming a permanent part […]

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New report – DFID’s efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls

17 May 2016

ICAI’s latest review finds that UK aid has made a significant contribution to tackling violence against women and girls in developing countries. DFID has demonstrated strong global policy leadership, through initiatives such as the 2014 Girl Summit, and has made a significant contribution to knowledge and evidence on preventing abuse, including on global challenges such as […]

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New approach paper – Supporting marginalised girls in education

6 May 2016

ICAI is reviewing UK aid’s support for marginalised girls to access, stay, and succeed in basic education. We will examine DFID’s education portfolio and analyse how well it is achieving its aims of keeping girls in school for longer and ensuring they receive the quality education needed to transform their future. We have published an […]

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ICAI’s future work plan

6 Apr 2016

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact has published its future work plan, setting out which areas of UK aid it will scrutinise between July 2016 and June 2017. From conflict-affected states to girls’ education, the plan will see nine different topics probed. For more information have a look at the plan: ICAI future work plan

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Changing aid relationships – new review begins

23 Mar 2016

ICAI has begun a new review into how DFID manages the changing nature of its aid relationships – When aid relationships change: DFID’s approach to managing exit and transition The review is timely as DFID has, in recent years, exited from a number of former partner countries and is far down the road of transition […]

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New approach paper – Tax

7 Mar 2016

ICAI is reviewing UK aid’s contribution to tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion. Cross-border tax avoidance and tax evasion drain resources from developing countries, affect governments’ domestic revenue mobilisation efforts and reduce their ability to provide services for their people. This review will assess how effectively DFID addresses global issues of cross-border tax avoidance and […]

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Cash Transfers – new review begins

18 Feb 2016

ICAI has begun a new review into the role of cash transfers in reducing poverty and vulnerability: Assessing the sustainability of UK aid’s results This review will assess examine DFID’s results claims and the potential for achieving transformational impact. It will review the effectiveness of DFID’s efforts to support sustainable, nationally-owned social assistance systems that are […]

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New approach paper

15 Feb 2016

ICAI is reviewing how UK aid achieves impact and value for money in conflict-affected environments. The UK government has committed to spending 50% of all official development assistance in fragile states and regions – many of which are affected by conflict. In these complex environments access is often limited and delivering effective and accountable aid […]

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