ICAI follow-up review of 2018-19 reports

ICAI’s follow-up review looks at how well government departments have responded to the recommendations made in our 2018-19 reviews.

  1. Status: Completed
  2. Published: 23 July 2020
  3. Type: Follow-up review
  4. Subject: Cross-cutting
  5. Assessment: Unrated
  6. Lead commissioner: Tamsyn Barton


Each year we conduct a follow-up assessment of ICAI reviews from the previous year. This process is an important step in the chain of accountability, providing the International Development Committee (IDC) and wider development stakeholders with evidence on whether the government has taken appropriate action in response to ICAI’s recommendations.

For the first time ICAI has rated the progress made in each review, scoring them as either “adequate” or “inadequate”, with an inadequate rating resulting from a combination of too little being done to address ICAI’s recommendations, the response not being sufficiently relevant, and/or the implementation being too slow.

The 2018-19 follow-up summarises our findings for the following nine reviews:

We also looked again at three outstanding issues from our 2017-18 follow-up:


Review publication

Published 23 July 2020

Further scrutiny

Published 23 June 2021