Annual Report 2012-13

1 Jul 2013

The ICAI Annual Report and Corporate Plan sets out our activities and expenditure for our second complete year of operation. The report, which is sent to the Chairman of the International Development Committee, details our work and reviews progress during the last year. It also follows up on the recommendations from our Year One reports. […]

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Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes reports on DFID’s Use of Contractors and Programme Partnership Arrangements

17 May 2013

Our latest reports provide insight into DFID’s use of third parties to deliver aid programmes through different channels and mechanisms. In the evidence that we considered, both civil society organisations and contractors have helped to drive innovation and, while it is too early to say whether all the programmes will have a sustainable impact, the signs are promising.

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Chief Commissioner speech: The Value of the Annual Report

8 May 2013

Speech to the CFG Annual Conference 08 May 2013   The annual report is a key document: it summarises the financial position of your charity; it sets out your activities and, in many cases, looks to the future. Some people consider the Annual Report to be a rather dry document and a time intensive requirement. […]

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ICAI 2013-14 Budget

2 May 2013

ICAI’s 2013-14 budget has been published as part of DFID’s Main Estimate (  We have been allocated £3.8 million for programme spending (via our contractor consortium) and £456,000 for administrative spending (for Commissioner and Secretariat costs).  We have already published our Year 3 work plan and our forthcoming Annual Report, to be published in June, […]

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ICAI Seeks Views on Revised Evaluation Framework

1 May 2013

In our first report, ICAI’s Approach to Effectiveness and Value for Money, we set out an evaluation framework, consisting of 22 questions under 4 guiding criteria (objectives, delivery, impact and learning), to guide our lines of enquiry in reviews. In the light of our experience to date in carrying out our reports, we have reviewed […]

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Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes report on DFID’s work through UNICEF

22 Mar 2013

 The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published a report today on the Department for International Development (DFID)’s work through the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). ICAI has given the work a rating of Green-Amber. The report provides insight into the UK’s relationship with UNICEF, which is an important partner, by examining delivery of […]

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Independent Commission for Aid Impact publishes reports on DFID’s work in Western Odisha, Sudan and Nepal

21 Feb 2013

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has published a set of reports today covering three of the Department for International Development’s (DFID’s) programmes: DFID’s Livelihoods Work in Western Odisha, India, rated as Green; DFID’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programming in Sudan; rated as Amber-Red; and DFID’s Peace and Security programme in Nepal, rated as […]

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